CASH DONATIONS FOR SAFETEST QUARANTINE TENTS FOR HOSPITALS. Unity In Isolation and Cancer Registry PH have come together to raise funds to provide tents to hospitals. 

Unity in Isolation is an initiative of various organizations and private companies with the common belief that the fight against COVID needs and organized way of testing for the virus and minimizing spread by distancing those with the disease from those without it. We do this by raising funds to put up tents that will serve as triage areas for hospitals in order to safely process COVID-19 suspect and probable cases and, if necessary, quarantine them in place. Those who test negative and have no symptoms of COVID but have other life-threatening illnesses like cancer, can then be safely admitted into non-COVID areas of the hospital. 

Cancer CARE Registry Philippines or CARE PH is a PCNC-accredited NGO organized to create a registry of cancer patients in the Philippines which can serve as a database for responsible and ethical cancer research. Our goal is to see "every preventable cancer averted, every screenable cancer detected and every cancer patient counted". 

By participating in this joint effort, we stay true to our promise of always moving toward better healthcare for the Filipino cancer, and in this time of pandemic, COVID patient. 

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