RELIEF GOODS, HYGIENE SUPPLIES FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN. The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Asia Pacific (CATW-AP), the regional office of an international organization combatting sex trafficking, rape and all forms of violence against women, has been delivering relief goods, including basic food and hygiene supplies to women victims of sex trafficking and extra-judicial killings, and their families in the poor communities, who are most at risk from COVID-19. The women and their children are rendered hungry because of the limitations in terms of movement, since they could not access income. As they are also stigmatized, many of them do not receive support from their local governments (barangay officials). Your donation will help us provide rice and vegetables that we get directly from farmers to keep them healthy to fight COVID-19, as well as soap and other supplies that can ensure that these women and their families are safe from COVID-19. Provision of these supplies will also prevent their further victimization from sex trafficking, as it is happening now.


Contents of the Package 


Package for a family of 6 

  • Rice (7kgs) 

  • Basic vegetables (ampalaya, okra, sayotesitawkamatismunggo) 

  • Bread buns 

  • Sardines/canned tuna 

  • Soap 

  • Alcohol 

P 786 

Package for 10 families with 6 members each 

One week’s supply of basic food and hygiene supplies. 


P 7,860 

Package for 22 families with 6 members each 

One week’s supply of basic food and hygiene supplies, fulfilling the needs of one community in need we have pre-identified. 

P 17,292 

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